The very first post

One spring afternoon, as I was sitting with the “usual bunch” of friends at a local coffee shop within the old city of Nicosia, it suddenly struck me that a lot of ideas were getting lost into the air over frappes made with cheap store-brand granulated coffee. I first bought a note book and began taking notes of ideas without actually knowing what to do with them. Once I had everything written down, maybe these ideas and opinions would somehow “interact” with each other, giving birth to newer ideas that could form material for a future newspaper column that I sometimes imagined myself writing or help me clarify the subjects I’d like to research in a PhD program which I plan to start in 2013. The note-taking thing took off but shortly after, the idea of sharing ideas with others via a blog became much more appealing. That’s exactly how I decided to start this blog. It’s just and attempt to hold onto some thoughts and put them somewhere public in an organized way; not only for sharing them with other people, but also for having them under record for myself.

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